[Socky x Magafaka] – Black List

Rp 99.000

Blacklist – is a portrait of one’s fear in a modern society.

This collaboration is not what we expected to be. Socky is about fun and joyful design, while Magafaka is known for its bizarre and explicit expression. It was tough to fuse the two polar opposite characteristic, but eventually, we made it.
The collection contains meaningful stories about society, sexuality, and humanity. Its graphic is the mixture between our distinctive features. It is gloomy and joyful, it is dark and colorful, it is Socky and Magafaka: “Jalan Pake Mata” Collection.

One Size (EU 36-44)

Designed & Produced in Indonesia

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Socky is crafted under fine materials and excellent manufacturing process.
Woven with high quality cotton and high thread counts, Socky offers very smooth and comfortable socks for any occasion, be it office day, casual weekend, or cosy evening at home.